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13 Wolves wolf pack of stickers


This is for all 3 vinyl stickers for the band 13 Wolves and made by Seven 13 productions

The color stickers are original art work by Doug P'gosh check him out at pgosh.com and measure 3" wide by 4" tall, the black sticker is 4" wide by 1.5" tall

13 Wolves

Behold from the halls of Valhalla spawned 13 Wolves, Born to battle for the right to walk amongst man, Only four remained after the bloodbath that was. A pact of blood and moon was formed on the memory of their slain brothers, so their deaths not be in vain, the four would not rest until all mankind was punished.

With their chants and screams upon all mankind they shall bestow a glorious death…

Nordic Werewolf Horror Punk from San Diego

Check us out at:
13 Wolves Band Camp Site